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(0) original title: don't give up your own body, flat chest can also be sexy and provocative, so you can surprise four seat

now everyone is exploring the body in front of the convex back, but sometimes flat chest is also very popular. So we don't have to be ashamed of our own body. Today, we will bring a few sets of super proper young girl's clothes to the experts. Each of them is so beautiful that you can't move your eyes. It's all dry goods.

Look1: skirt

The existence of the skirt is simply too perfect, no matter what shape can be light matching, the more legitimate feminine flavor is the lace wrap hip skirt. Because flat chested girls need to wear some more feminine modeling, super fast three official platform, so it will be more attractive. The white vest on the upper body is also very sexy and fashionable On the official platform, the high-heeled shoes with dark colors are amazing.

The girly style of

girly style can also show our femininity. Because of the shorter design of denim's hip skirt, the choice of top is particularly critical. We can take white baby sling, and then wear a striped watch cover outside, which can add sexiness in silent break.


denim suit is also very suitable for young girls to wear. It can wear loose watch cover on the outside and wear a bra or suspender inside to match with tight shorts, which will show the figure more and more. Even if the chest is flat, the visual performance is great.

look2: sexy young skirt

red big V-Neck long skirt is a sharp tool to show the body, cold white leather is fashionable, and this skirt has a high tolerance for the body, the upper body is tight, and the skirt hem also has a slit design, which can let us not lack happiness in the sexy.


want to wear a lady's skirt, then I suggest that you must wear a sleeveless skirt, so the visual center of gravity will shift in your arm, as long as your lines are more flexible, there is no need to say about the upper body performance. The plaid lady's dress is just the same as we appear in any field, and the skirt is the most beneficial for the flat chest.

The pattern of

is a bit old-fashioned, but it is still very good from the visual performance. The style we want to choose is to have a waistband. Even if you wear a pair of dark high-heeled shoes, you can also have a great feminine flavor by adding a V-neck.

look3: shirt + trousers

same sentence, if you want to look feminine, then V-neck shirt is the one you must have. Among all the colors, I prefer white. The style and color of this shirt are very consistent with my heart, and it is even more out of fashion with tight jeans.

However, to say that the sexiest form should be silk fabric. It is rare that the style with strong vertical sense can fundamentally express our temperament. Such light clothes, even with brown leather pants, will be very brilliant. The versatile and peaceful clothes are also very popular with many western girls.

Since we don't have a big chest, we can show our young and strong waist. The navel exposed interior and watch cover match will be more refreshing and capable. The jeans of the same color also add a lot of points to the shape.

We can remember one characteristic when we wear clothes. Since we are young in chest, we can show other advantages, such as wearing skirt with long legs and wearing top with exposed navel at waist. There is always a way to attract eyes.

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